How would you describe your brand ?

Mansso emerged from the idea of getting rid of the superfluous, appreciating things at their fair value. What i d like to express through our creations is our desire to get back to basics. The combination of beautiful materials and ancestral know how is what gives timeless character to each of our hats.

Why made in France ?

Because made in France isnt just a prestigious label but also a real guarantee of quality and the consécration of a fantastic tradition of over 200 years.

The fashion industry unfortunately led to the decline of many historic companies when the hat as a fashion accessory became less trendy. There are many museums that testify of the Golden Age of French hat making.

However, that same fashion industry is now making the hat trendy again, so why not « Made in France, especially since it is aligned with our social values.

What are MANSSO values ?

Its really important for us to be aligned with fair trade values and our production in France is reflecting this.

We are committed to centralizing our hat and our hat boxes production but also keeping our supply routes to a minimum for raw material so we can ensure a low carbon footprint. Our packaging have also been designed ecologically and are 100 % recyclable.

Amal Malik



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